Alsace 3318[view photos]
 (I) Strasbourg1177      [view photos]
Aquitaine 5175[view photos]
 (II) Bordeaux880      [view photos]
Auvergne 1259[view photos]
Basse-Normandie 3119[view photos]
Bourgogne 1908[view photos]
Bretagne 9996[view photos]
Centre 3641[view photos]
Champagne-Ardenne 1376[view photos]
Corse 7204[view photos]
Franche-Comte 1584[view photos]
*French Guyana 165[view photos]
*French Polynesia 464[view photos]
*Guadeloupe 510[view photos]
Haute-Normandie 2480[view photos]
Ile-de-France 26061[view photos]
Languedoc-Roussillon 5508[view photos]
Limousin 593[view photos]
Lorraine 1333[view photos]
*Martinique 682[view photos]
*Mayotte 30[view photos]
Midi-Pyrenees 4253[view photos]
 (III) Toulouse423      [view photos]
*New Caledonia 150[view photos]
Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2349[view photos]
 (IV) Lille651      [view photos]
Pays-de-la-Loire 2369[view photos]
 (V) Nantes378      [view photos]
Picardie 1491[view photos]
Poitou-Charentes 3019[view photos]
Provence-Alpes-Cote-dAzur 11806[view photos]
 (VI) Marseille1445      [view photos]
 (VII) Nice1209      [view photos]
*Reunion 408[view photos]
Rhone Alpes 12632[view photos]
 (VIII) Lyon2209      [view photos]
*Saint-Barthelemy 48[view photos]
*Saint-Martin 111[view photos]
*Saint Pierre and Miquelon 13[view photos]
*Wallis and Futuna 3[view photos]
France 115058[view photos]
* Map unavailable for states/provinces marked with an asterisk (*)
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