Group NameCreatorCreatedMembersSubscribersDescription
Members, I've met in Budapestatus2008-10-11140List dedicated to TE members I met on 28th June 2008,during the meeting in Budapest (Hungary).
Lovers, Dreamers, TravelersHillaryDevi2008-10-10160This is not for a certain nationality or ethnicity... You do not have to be my friend...

If you think you are a true romantic, and you enjoy capturing the world's beauty in your photos, join this group...
Meus AmigosFNunes2008-10-1010
Nature Loverarindamdas172008-10-10150All those who had a very artististic view for the nature can submit their pictures
EcuadorPancheins722008-10-0910Estuve revisando y no encontré un grupo de mi país. Que tal si te unes y colocamos las mejores fotos de nuestro país para que lo mire todo el mundo.
Friends in TrekEarthjusninasirun2008-10-0650Friends in TrekEarth
More than 200 points to 300sacavem2008-10-0160This theme is dedicated to pictures with more than 200 points to 300. It is an encouragement and thanks to the effort produced by amateur photographers, who had been striving to present the TrekEarth good work.

Thank you very much
Filipe Rocha (Portugal)
Albaniatrimi082008-09-30360Albanian photographers or simply everyone who has taken pics from Albania, Kosovo and all albanian territories.
Members I've Metrobertosalguero2008-09-2940
Marseille et l'eauD4hu2008-09-1110Bonjour,
Le but de se Groupe est de rassembler des clichés qui ont un rapport avec l'eau (au sens très large du terme) et qui sont pris à Marseille bien sûr.
Le Ormecadenafelipe2008-09-1010Le Orme
Workshop CromosJuntas2008-09-0941
Fotografi in Sardegnabaddori2008-09-05491fotografi che hanno pubblicato foto scattate in Sardegna
Rarotonga TravellersJohn_F_Kennedy2008-09-02110Rarotonga is an island of the Cook Islands.

The island is surrounded by a lagoon, which extends several hundred yards (meters) to the reef, which then slopes steeply to deep water. To the south east, particularly around Muri, the lagoon is at its widest and deepest. This part of the island is the most popular because of the suitability of the lagoon for swimming, snorkelling and boating.
trekks2trekks2008-09-01100trekks' TE 2
trekks3trekks2008-09-01480trekks' TE 3
trekks4trekks2008-09-01291trekks' TE 4
Incredible Indiadrsamanta2008-08-3110India and its natural beauty is central idea of this group.
Portuguese TE friendsAiresSantos2008-08-31313My TE friends from Portugal
TE friends (airessantos)AiresSantos2008-08-31340The group of my TE friends