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Street Camera PhotographersBrooks32042007-07-0610Street Camera Photography first started with the Tin-Type camera, then Direct-Positive Paper Cameras in the USA (same process used in the old Photo-Me booths), and the Paper-Negative Cameras that were commonly used in Europe, Middle-East, and South America.

This list is to identify and collect links to those photos of cameras and photographers using these cameras.
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Spaincatherinetodd2007-06-1910Finding so many beautiful photos from here. Must go and visit one day.
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Interesting TE membersdragonslayero2007-05-1730Just a list of members that I feel need more attention.
I feel these members supply photos that show the TE community down to earth daily impressions of the world around them.
They may not be the best known photographers to all other TE members, but I feel they deserve this honour.

Odd Jarle
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