To PaulVDV: other places

  • Thank you Paul,
    I would rather think of the countryside if I would look for Falu red wooden houses. Stockholm is probably unique among major cities to have kept and preserved so many such buildings, mainly on Södermalm. There are patches of them in certain other cities and smaller towns, but in most cases such "primitive" houses were pulled down, often in the "progressive" era of the 1960's and 70's. I am not at all familiar with Malmö, but this tradition probably never reached that far south. In case there were any in Göteborg they are probably all gone. But travel through rural central or northern Sweden and you will probably find them everywhere, although not as old as those on Södermalm. Maybe the old ones were all moved to Skansen. ;-)
    Have a nice Sunday,
  • Thank you Gert!