To emka: emptiness

  • Thank you Malgo,
    On Zanzibar in 1994 I first discovered the pleasure of sometimes doing nothing at all. I stayed 4-5 days in a small hotel on a beach somewhere and only walked along the completely empty beach, looking for fine shells, sometimes going for a swim, then sitting on the verandah reading a book, sometimes drinking a beer, waiting for fresh fish for dinner. It was the most relaxing holiday I ever had and I loved it. I didn't have a camera, which was a great relief. I learned that it was not necessary to watch important things all the time and take photos all the time.
    Have a nice journey home.
  • Hi Gert,

    In Matemwe I had a time like you describe, but not the whole 6 days. And without a beer . One day I walked some kilometers along the empty beach with the Masai. Pole pole, hakuna matata.
    Delicious fish or frutti di mare every day.
    It was fun.
    Regards from Krakow. I should have to be on self-quarantine 14 days.

  • PS. Thery sold all the beer on Zanzibar and now there are problems with it.