To emka: Cliffs

  • Hi MalgoI have 3 criteria for not approaching the edge of a cliff. Otherwise I am not normally scared of heights, or even cautious.1. It's fractured or crumbling as seen here or undercut by waves or water. Solid granite like Norway is much safer. I would go to the same spot this shot was taken but not out on the tongue of Trolltunga. Pulpit Rock is another spot I would think twice about going out on if it was windy. 2. It's extremely windy (as it was on the day I went)3. The path along the cliff has rock overhangs that you have to stoop down to avoid clipping with your shoulder or head.Imagine a rough track and steep drop instead of a sealed road and small drop and you have to do a hunched back of Notre Dame to get past the overhang. A bit like this scene. But worse. Even at Zakynthos I had a bad feeling or premonition if you like that it wasn't safe to stand at the base of the cliff. 2 years later it DID collapse.