To Royaldevon: Fires

  • Hi Bev

    Brisbane only had 2-3 days of thick smoke and Sydney has had 2-3 months of it. Just a few grass fires around Brisbane and a fire at 'The Gap', an outer suburb surrounded by forested hills. More serious were the Applethorpe / Stanthorpe, Binna Burra and Perigian Springs fires 160 km from Brisbane, south west, south and north respectively. I was particularly saddened to see the Tourist Lodge destroyed. I had many a nice meal there after hiking through Lamington National Park. So, NSW & eastern Victoria are copping it the worst, with serious fires also in South Australia & Tasmania as well.

    My sister and brother in law were in Mallacoota and Lakes Entrance in Victoria before Christmas, but had left for Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula in their camper-van 2 weeks before the fires. They cannot go back that way as the roads have melted and fallen burnt trees are everywhere. So they will have to go inland via the Newell Hwy to get from Melbourne back to Brisbane. Not impressed with the Federal Government response. Murdoch also has a nasty habit of spreading lies and rumours prior to any elections to keep his part of choice in power. I believe he also did that in the recent UK election with his tabloids painting Jeremy Corbyn as antisemitic. He supports a free and independent Palestine. That does not make him antisemitic. I also read reports of antisemitic Labour Party handouts at the polling stations, but there is just so much misinformation in the Murdoch tabloids that I do not know which newspapers to trust anymore. I am currently using the Independent and the Guardian, not perfect, but better than many others. Better than most of the Murdoch tabloids in Australia too. The latest ruse by Murdoch and his minions is using bots and trolls on internet blaming Muslims & arsonists for lighting all the fires. Complete garbage of course. Most were started by lightning. 13% by arsonists and most of them carelessness, like throwing away a cigarette. Murdoch and the Liberal National Party of Australia are climate change sceptics. They think the opinions of 11k scientists are invalid. We had widespread rain here on Christmas Eve in south east Qld and more is forecast this weekend. We could use it. Hope you are having a great 2020!