To macjake: Security

  • Hi Craig

    I checked out the do's and don'ts before I went and the Moscow Metro station site stated that photography is most definitely allowed and welcomed given the nature of the stations. There were many security people around and I had to go through metal detecting gates and have my camera bag checked many times everywhere I went in Moscow. On one occasion 7 times in one day - it was tiresome after a while but that was how it was for everyone.

    I found the people incredibly friendly towards me actually. Never had a problem. The only time a security guard appeared was when I was taking a shot of a huge hydro electric dam in Perm, with Serghei. As soon as I raised the camera, as if by magic this guy appeared and made it very clear that no photos were allowed. Oh, yeah and in a museum in Perm a female security guard who reminded me of Rosa Klebb from the Bond movies, got pissed off because my camera bag kept tripping the laser alarms as I turned in front of exhibits. Aside from that I had no problems whatsoever. I encountered very friendly and accommodating security people on the whole, throughout my time there.