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Great jcpix 2014-04-29 19:35

Mr. mac,

How are you amigo? I've missed some great stuff over the last week and a half, and this one jumped off your gallery tonight.

Awesome criss-cross patterns, chuck full of alternating light and fantastic that air dried laundry. Funny how something so unassuming can make for the best pictures. Who needs grand tourist attractions when you have an eye for this kind of scene? Love it! The dark wood and heavy shadow make for super contrast...those clothes almost come alive on their own. Scary thought, eh? lol

I suppose every clothes line needs a good guard dog too, and what dog doesn't need a good nap? :)

Hope all has been well. You're getting ready to take off again soon if I'm not mistaken, yeah? Have a good one.

Cheers from Az.,


Old 04-30-2014, 03:49 PM
macjake macjake is offline
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Default To jcpix: you're back

Well, its great to have you back!
work can often be a drag eh! but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes!

I'll have to check out your gallery to see if you have anything new posted.

We're off to Turkey, Greece, Italy on May 8th. just a week away now.
had to swap a bunch of shifts at work, so i'm working 7 days out of 9 before we take off - its worth it I guess in the end.

going to meet up with Deniz in Istanbul on May 9th, that'll be cool!
and hoping to meet up with Romano in Rome.

are you off to anywhere anytime soon?
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Old 05-01-2014, 12:08 AM
jcpix jcpix is offline
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Default Returned

Hey Craig,

Yeah, been a busy couple of weeks...glad it's over and things have mostly returned to normal, whatever 'normal' is anyway!? It was actually nice to take a small break, especially since I find TE to be so time consuming...but I enjoy it, and am happy to get back in the swing of things.

I'm incredibly jealous of your trip, I can only imagine how much fun, and how many pictures you'll end you'll end up with...your poor camera is going to get put through the paces once again, right?

Been a long time now since I've had any correspondence with Deniz, and don't really know him that well. Sure seems like a good guy though, you'll have to pass along my regards.

I have a picture to post that had you in mind when I was putting together my next series, because it's a sports car I thought you might enjoy. I'll be sure to post it before the 8th. In fact, I should be putting up a new photo later tonight.

I can only manage one trip this year, and I'm headed to see Serghei on his turf, Russia. I can't wait, super excited to see a country so very foreign for me, so I'll be away for a couple of weeks again at the end of August and the first of September. One of these days I'll also get to Greece and Turkey, the idea of being where East meets West is really fascinating. Can't wait to see your pics!

Enjoy the rest of the evening. Take it easy amigo.

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