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Great mjw364 2014-04-08 12:32

Wet and misty Dawn? A girl in every lake-land port eh John? :)

Taken with your characteristic skill of ensuring clarity and sharpness throughout in this well exposed image that owes absolutely nothing to the Camera's lens or sensor.. ;)

Loving the sky and I agree the ND grads are sometimes more trouble than they are worth. Lightroom has a nifty tool for adding them with a lot less bother!

An excellently balanced composition John. Well done.

Can I ask you the same question? Is this the kind of shot you enter for CC comps? As you say it so subjective and different with every judge. My more abstract shots don't fit the "camera club mode of thought" and I am not daft enough to think that I can cause a shift in paradigm with my shots. At the same time I refuse to conform to their expectations since I take photos I like for me and no one else and happen to enter them if I feel like it. I don't always enter but thus far I have won three out of four comps but they were not architectural abstracts. What is apparent is the ones that win (mine or other winners), regardless of subject have an extra impact or quality that makes them stand out regardless of subject matter. If I could recreate that indefinable quality in every shot I think I would bottle it and sell it!

Having said all that a camera club is only as good as it's members and to be honest most of the members where I go make me look far better than I am. That's why I entered the shots for a large regional inter-club comp to see how I fare in a larger fish pond.

As for LRPS and ARPS - I think we both have shots in our portfolios that would acquire those distinctions. It depends why you want the quals in the first place I suppose. I was talking to retired solicitor who was an excellent photographer and she said she got an FRPS at the third attempt and after that could not find the motivation to take photos since she felt that she had reached some kind of pinnacle and it was several years before she picked up a camera again. Crazy...

Anyway - see you soon.


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Default To mjw364: Dawn and club competitions......

Hi Mike,

Yes, you know me: I always like to be up at the crack of Dawn. Mist doesn't bother me too much but I do like it when it's really wet. Ahem.

To try to answer your question about what pictures I put in for competitions, well, I've not actually put many in so far - or at least not had all that many judged so far. But I got top marks of a 20 out of 20 (I presume all judges use pretty much the same marking system) for this one (or at least a re-crop of it) in my very first competition and I was pleased with that. That was a digital image competition. I've also had 19/20 for a version of this and for this. This one got me 18/20 as did this. I got 18/20 for this and this and a version of this one.

Now I do have four pictures in for a competition which will be judged on Friday but unfortunately I won't be able to go to the meeting as I've got something else on. No, not Dawn, I'm afraid. It's a nature one this time and I've put in two prints - one of this, showing the whole bird, as well as two digital images - this and a version of this - ah, ha, see - you didn't know I was on TN, now, did you? I'm also on TL too but haven't been very active on either for a couple of years!

And, now that I've started, I might as well finish! I've six pictures in for a competition which will be judged in a fortnight - four prints and two digitals. The two digitals are, firstly, that juggler in the stripey bathing suit with the big melon (no, stop thinking about Dawn) and the other is this one from Portugal. The four prints are, firstly, one of the guy with the glass ball I've referred to above, the misty one from Loch Awe (which you kindly critiqued yesterday), the "golden girl" with the camera taking my picture (as shown above) - though it unfortunately looked a lot duller on the print - not sure what I've done there - and, finally, a print of this.

Phew! So there you go. Hopefully I've done the links all right and you'll be able to see all those. So now just to wait and see what the judges think. Oh, but an evil thought has just crossed my mind - this last compeition I've mentioned (the annual competition which takes up to 6 entries) this year has a number of categories - landscape, portrait, action, etc. but no "nature" section and I know for a fact that one of the other conteders has entered at least two bird pictures so, theoretically at least, they should be discounted. Anyway, we'll wait and see but, you never know, it could just be a wonderfully delicious case of schadenfreude!

I liked your comments about your club. The one I've joined is in Carluke and, despite the fact that it appears to be run on a shoestring, often appears disorganised and more than half of the members are several years older than my juvenile 66, and half of them don't look as though they'd be capable of even lifting a camera, never mind using it - despite all that, the club regularly beats every other club in Scotland hands down in competitions, the only real threat being from another superb but small-town club in Dumfries. Edinburgh, Glasgow and other big cities don't have a look in.

Anyway, Mike, time now for a beer before heading to bed. A long walk tomorrow too - a regular one I do with some other camera club members - the "leader" is 84, fit as a flea and regularly walks the rest of us off our feet!

Take Care,


And be up at the crack of Dawn!
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Default Oops...

Hi Mike,

Sorry, but I forgot the other print which will be judged on Friday in the nature competiton - it's my squirrel one - here!

Good Night!

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Hello John - yes I like the shot that won for you - I can clearly see why - it has a certain extra indefinable quality, a feeling almost. I can also see the scores are accurate for your other shots. Like your camera club mine is out of 20 marks and like yours I am the youngest by some margin - all in their mid to late 70s plus, all entering the same shots again and again that have won in the past (until mine came along). All attend primarily to have a cuppa and a chat on a Monday night and to try to maintain the established pecking order within their group... I'm most definitely a threat to group stability and cohesion with my new fangled ways! None of them are any longer that bothered about improving or changing with the world of photography... nor do they seem to care that the traditional camera club has been superceded by photography on the web in many ways. Camera clubs have had one foot in the grave for some time...
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