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Great tyro 2014-02-14 17:34

Hi Craig,

We don't have yellow school 'buses here but anyone who has watched any American movies will immediately recognise this as another iconic feature of North America. It really is a huge one too - and how strange that this vehicle never seemed to move.

But there are obviously quite a few strange things about Cuba and, particularly, Havana. Those wonderfully decrepit buildings which are crumbling and yet these happy contented people seem cheerfully resigned to live in them and carry on with their lives.

But just look at this place - every main door is open wide and I bet they don't even close or lock these doors at night. I don't know what life's like in Vancouver, but here we would always lock our doors before going to bed and never leave them open in case of burglars. Perhaps, unlike us, these people have a more integrated and trusting society. They are probably a lot less materialistic than we are too. In that way they are lucky and we are the losers.

And it's interesting that you felt relaxed and never threatened here too because I remember well that you had a scary moment in Valparaiso when some bypassers noticed your swanky camera and might well have robbed you if you hadn't "legged it" very quickly. But it sounds as though that sort of thing doesn't happen here. Or does it?

And, of course, the other thing which makes me feel that you were relaxed here is that you so obviously came "out of your shell" and started taking people pictures - again something which is less than easy here in Britain - and proably in Canada too. Here, if you bring out a big SLR in a public place, you are immediately thought to be either a terrorist or a paedophile.

Anyway, Craig, this is a delightful picture in which that big 'bus makes a real statement. But the lady looking over the balcony, although she appears so small, is also a very important part of the picture and the composition too.

Another lovely reminder of what sounds like a wonderful holiday - and technically perfect as always. You know something? I think you fell in love with this place, didn't you? :o)


Kind Regards,


Old 02-15-2014, 02:52 AM
macjake macjake is offline
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Default To tyro: buses

Hi John
always great to read your critiques...
where do i start with this one???

To straight out answer yr question...yes...i did fall in love with Havana, we were there for 4 days but i couod have stayed for 4 weeks! Think about, buildings, warm weather, sun....its awesome!
Tosca on the other hand said she would never go back! She loves photography, but not near the level as I, (i'm certifyably obbsessed), Tosc's #1 love is food. And for obvious reasons the food in havana and trinidad were aweful, just down right terrible. Even just LOCATING food was hard! Same thing with clean bottled she wanted out after our 7 day trip.

You mentioned the open doors, yr correct about that too. They always seemed to be open. As one of my previous posts talked about.

If i could go back today i would!'d love the cars there
I had to make a conscious effort to not take TOO many photos of cars because Tosca would get bored waiting around for me
See....usually she would take her photos in a photo shoot (5 min), then go search for food delights lol
While i take triple the amount of time taking photos! But in cuba, she had nowhere to go to spend time with food eateries or stores....they're non existant in cuba!!!!

She wanted to come home!
She felt food in Iceland was bad......not until she visited Cuba lol....she takes that statement back now!!!!

As for the yellow bus....i'm surprised....a few TE members have mentioned the yellow bus is new for them. Guess i didnt realize its more of a north american subject!!!

Everywhere in Canada this exact yellow bus is the ONLY bus for school children and teenagers. So i instantly recognize it and have immediate memories associated with it.

You mentioned how large it is too, but this is the STANDARD size. We all rode this bus, and still today its used exclusively.
There is a shorter version of the same yellow bus, but its specifically for the disabled or mentally challenged/retarted (not trying to be cruel, thats the truth).

Glad you enjoyed the photo.
i have so many more from cuba but sometimes i feel i'm posting too much of the same....we'll see
thanks again
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