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Great jcpix 2014-02-10 20:49

Hi Craig,

Enjoy it? You bet I do, this is fantastic! I didn't realize you had actually turned this into a fishing really caught a Great very elusive and rare, but you hooked it! :)

Your depiction is spot on, too bad you can't set this to open up with the theme music from Jaws...and how much fun would it be to slowly cruise the streets with it playing for everyone to hear?!! :)

That's one gnarly grill, just like a shark alright...or really bad orthodontist work, pick your poison. Love the tight crop and panoramic format, suited just right for this image and imagination. You must have been a kid in a candy store in Cuba, cars and crumbling architecture to the hearts delight. I hope the 333 plate isn't a half devil know, that whole "666" thing??. :o

Another awesome car shot, thanks for sharing the love! Take it easy.

Cheers from the desert,


Old 02-11-2014, 11:42 PM
macjake macjake is offline
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Default To jcpix: inspiration

Hey Jason
actually, it was your photo of the red corvette that inspired me to take this one.
I think it was a red corvette yeah? pretty sure.

cars are SO fun to photograph with the wide angle lens, the strong lines and perspectives are just awesome.

Heck, I wish I was STILL in Havana!
too bad you can't go my friend! but i hear americans fly up to Canada, then fly down to Cuba....but i'm not sure what the repercussions could be when you get home? lol
is it really that bad??
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Old 02-12-2014, 03:21 AM
jcpix jcpix is offline
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Default Inception inspiration

And where do you think that Corvette picture found it's inspiration....your photos from a car show!

It's come full circle, how cool is that!

Seriously...not even being a car guy, I now consciously look for ones I think would be fun to photograph...even just walking through the parking lot on a work break, my eyes will see things they never did before...and it's all thanks to seeing your pictures!

I know Americans travel to Cuba, but I'm not sure of the circumstances. I think someone like me would be a bit more scrutinized...a single guy with a camera, taking all sorts of photos. Something tells me paranoia would be running high on the "spy side." I'm sure the locals would be just fine with it, but any government folk might have a different perspective!? Political tensions between the U.S. and Cuba are still pretty ugly as far as I can understand.

Such a pity too, I'd love to get my lens all over those cars and streets as you've done.....but until things improve, I'll have to sit back and continue to admire yours! Keep 'em coming amigo!

Take it easy,

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