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Great No_One 2014-02-04 10:13

Hi Jason,
I think you are being harsh on yourself here, when I clicked on this I thought whooooooooooo..... (not sure how many "o"s are in whooooooo). This composition is brilliant. You may have seen that I love a good sculpture shot, and a good architecture shot, and you have a brilliant composition of both combined elegantly together in an impressive, and humorous way.

Certainly it could be a very serious shot, and I can see it that way, especially when I see the actual name of the statue. But I prefer to think that in this scene, Cain has just received a delivery from UPS having ordered something on Amazon while drunk, and as his new landmark is plonked in the front garden and he is asked to sign for delivery, he thinks how his girlfriend will respond :)

The depth of field on the tower itself is superb, and presents it in a completely new way for me. Normally, the tower is the focus of every shot from Paris, centre stage and everything else plays second fiddle, but here, the tower is prominent, but secondary to the story the viewer may create on the basis of the statues expression. I love that. It also seems that the tower is piercing the clouds giving an amazing sensation of height.

Really nicely done.

P.S. Whoooooooooo....

Old 02-05-2014, 12:31 AM
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Default To Noel_Byrne: So many possibilities

Howdy Noel,

I was sure hoping this one would find both you and Russ, I know how much you enjoy sculpture...and it always shines through in your pictures!

I'm going to have to check out Amazon and see if they have another Eiffel Tower I can get my hands on....I'd love that in the front yard, I'd be the most popular person on the block!

The stories could be endless, and yours certainly made me laugh out loud! I really need to stop sneaking a look when I'm at work...not only am I NOT supposed to be on the internet, but the laughter kinda' gives me away!?

One of my thoughts was that it's the male version of the "walk of shame." Either that, or I was going to steal a line from Dumb and Dumber, "Wow, would you look at the butt on that?....'Yeah, he must work out!" haha

Brian had a good idea, this would be a fun one for a caption contest.

Thanks so much for the insight and laughs, always love your notes!

Take it easy. Oh, and you never know what's lurking in those flood waters...keep a sharp eye out for a possible Sharktopus!


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