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Great delpeoples 2014-02-03 17:59

Ciao Giovanni

I love your subject: the castle by the see and the interesting rock formations, both man made and from Mother Nature. The texture in the rocks, the slightly misted pastel sea and the sky are wonderful. You've done a great job with your Layers here, in lighting the FG, darkening the sky and doing it quite seamlessly. But. And this is a matter of personal taste: I find the FG details slightly over-cooked, resulting in what looks to me like an HDR job. It's not the most over-cooked photo I've ever seen, but to my taste, I think you could have been a little less heavy handed :) I don't want to offend you and really want to acknowledge the photo for what it is; an excellent piece of photography. But I felt I had to be honest, as I've noticed this and your previous industrial photo as being a little too eager in the saturation and contrast departments.

Un abbraccio

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Default To delpeoples: Overcooked...?

Ciao cara Lisa,

I was just about to hit the sack when I noticed your critique. Thank you for being so kind and sympathetic!

I agree entirely that my picture of the Falkirk Wheel - that big metal hulk of a thing for shifting boats between canals - was certainly overdone but, to be honest, I was trying to be a little more subtle in my treatment of this one. You might well remember this picture - you actually commented on that one - which was taken at the same time as this but from a very slightly different viewpoint. Now, in retrospect, I look at that and I think that that one is "overcooked" - don't you think so?

What do you think I've done wrong in the foreground? Do you think it's over - lightened? I certainly didn't do anything to the foreground to alter the colours in any way - the stone really is that reddish sandstone stuff.

Please let me know exactly what you think - I can take it (!) - because I just want to get it right - if you know what I mean!

Now, bed beckons!

Un abbraccio,

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Default overcooked

Hi both
I'm butting in again. I've compared both of John's postings from this location, and to my eyes the former (vertical) photograph looks quite natural: I wouldn't have taken John to task on overcooking here at all. The more recent one also seems OK, although I reckon the overall tones, and in particular the foreground harbour walls, look a little too light. Nothing that a quick tweak of the Gamma slider in Levels wouldn't cure. But then I like dark tones... The location is intriguing by the way.
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