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Great delpeoples 2014-01-07 20:28

Well hello the caro of the cari

How are you? I hope all is well in Lanarkshire and that you enjoyed your New Year.

You must be one very pleased photographiser here. This shot is fantastic. That golden light and the reflections are sensational. The Thirds framing works a treat and nothing has been overly sharpened or overly cropped.

I gotta admit something to you though. I'm looking at your beautiful image on 2 different screens. On the PC, the image is delightful and the colours are really strong. On the laptop the colours are softer and perhaps more realistic (Will would prefer this version not doubt) yet they're not as eye-catching. I wish I could send you the screen shot to illustrate what I mean, as it has ramifications for not just what I see and critique but also as to what machine I'm on during post-processing. So I'm wondering what the reality is - and also how I can re-calibrate my monitor. Think I'll have a wee gander on the iPad, just to make sure ;)

Anyway, a great shot, can't think to improve it, so I'll just join the other happy campers and congratulate you.

Un abbraccio

Old 01-09-2014, 11:28 AM
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Default To delpeoples: Colours.........

Ciao cara Lisa,

Thank you yet again for your kind remarks about this one.

Hee, hee, I saw the link which Silvio sent to me (the one to a Facebook page which had his "top" picture of trees with the sun blazing through the branches) but I couldn't quite understand what he meant by that or why he sent me that link. Also, using the Google translating tool, I put in "caro cari" and it came up with "expensive caries" which seemed rather odd!

Anyway, Lisa, I agree entirely that the colours here are a bit queer. The picture looked reasonable when I edited it in Photoshop Elements but after I had uploaded it I thought it has a distinctly pinkish look to it on the TE website - quite different to what it looked like after I had finished editing it. I also remember that both yourself and Craig had had experiences of a pinkish appearance in pictures you had uploaded some time ago.

There's a competition at the camera club for colour prints and the hand-in day is tomorrow so I've ben trying to print out some pictures for that. I don't know how much printing you do but I am really hopeless at it. The lady who does all the super Photoshop tutorials at the club gave us a talk but it was just so very complicated and I couldn't quite follow it. All about editing in sRGB but printing in Adobe RGB. My printer is a cheap (60) Canon multifunction job and others use top of the range ones that cost five or six hundred quid. And Elements doesn't seem to have all the "colour proofing" tools (whatever they are) for printing. So I'm a bit lost. Perhaps I won't bother putting in any prints this time and just settle for doing the "digital"" competitions.

The other thing which you say is that different computers and monitors give different appearances. A friend of my daughter was clearing out her stuff and gave me a thing called a "Spyder 3 Elite" which is a device for calibrating your monitor. Again, that's hopelessly complicated (for me at least) and I found that it made my monitor go very dark and the colours looked even queerer than they did before I used it. Ho, hum. Have you any experience of this sort of thing?

Perhaps I should just give up photography and take up basket weaving or something like that?

Un abbraccio,

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