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Old 01-05-2014, 04:46 PM
Noel_Byrne Noel_Byrne is offline
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Default To jcpix: Salty air...

hi Jason,
That could perhaps be the name of the novel, Salty Air.. You know, it does look like one of those pics alright, perhaps I could make a fortune selling it to one of those people who churn out 400 books a year, each of course completely different from the rest

Much appreciate your comments on this, and I have to say, after a number of hours I was delighted when the horses went by, as I thought they might make a good shot! Sometimes its worth the wait I guess! Glad to see your comment too, I hope that flu monster is almost beaten, and look forward to seeing you post. I see the weather in the US is a bit mental at the moment too, snow and low temperatures and all kinds of fun. Here in Ireland we are being battered by storms and floods and all kinds. In the words of the wise, Mr Kent Brockman.....So Professor, do you think its time to crack open each others heads and feast on the goo inside??.....Why yes Kent, I certainly do. hahahaha.

hope all is well and that the flu monsters buddy; weather monster doesn't attack you next.

Cheers from the storm!
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Old 01-06-2014, 02:15 AM
jcpix jcpix is offline
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Default Whispers on the beach

Yeah, right...each one of those 400 books would be completely unique. haha

I'm feeling better than I have all week, but the darn flu monster is still putting up a good fight. The rest of the country is getting bludgened with ferocious weather, and here I've been with nothing but sunshine, blue skies and warmth...and I've been outside all of one or two times.....what a waste! I sure hope that once I'm back on my feet the weather monster doesn't come knocking...I'll really get bent out of shape....which is what I feel like now, a pretzel!?

Anyway, enough about my woes. Congrats again on this terrific shot, patience really is a ended up with a doozie! Hopefully we'll even get one or two of the shipwrecked boat on its own??

I have a chunk of pics queued up, but I first want to respond to all of the comments left for me while I've been down and out. I should have something new by Tuesday at the latest. Feels like I've been away forever, I think I have an addiction!

*Sigh*...back to the grind. Booo! Take it easy.

Cheers from about the only warm spot left in the U.S.,

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