To holmertz: lady with umbrella

  • Hej Gert,
    tack så mycket! you will make me blush!

    I'll reveal a little secret: when I went out the whole city was absolutely white with snow, there were very very few people walking by (they all were either preparing for the afternoon Children's parade and for the final Monster parade or sitting in warm restaurants), so when I saw this strange lady with her red umbrella wandering aimlessly along the river I realised that I mustn't miss my chance!
    The problem was I was too far from her, but thank God I had a good tele-lens
    another problem was - if I had missed a moment more I'd have had to step aside right into the river to capture the lady that was walking away in the whiteness and fog of the snowfall

    wishing you a speedy recovery!
    "nice" weather still goes on... and I have to stay at home
    kind regards,