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Great No_One 2013-12-19 5:05

Hi Jason,
All these years, experts have asked, what is she looking at, why is she so bemused, what was going on. And now we know, she is looking at this mass of people and wondering what the hell they are all playing at jostling for position to take her picture! She mus surely be the most recognized face in the world, and with that in mind, i'm surprised she hasnt been sponsored by Loreal. Because the lady is worth it.
I do like this capture a lot, you have captured the sense of madness here, and thats completely at odds with images we see of this picture, where its calm and demure and we can study her appearance in great detail. It would appear in real life you will be lucky to see it at all and leave without the imprint of somebody elses elbow in the side of your head!

Fantastic original catch Jason, I like this is a lot and a pure Trekearth post.

Wishing you the best of everything for the holiday season,

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jcpix jcpix is offline
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Default To Noel_Byrne: Smack down

Howdy Noel,

A Loreal reference, no way did I see that coming...what a winner!

I tell ya', it was quite the battle trying to weave through the crowd to get a closer was like Black Friday madness...surprised no fist fights broke out. Fisity little youngsters in there too, my respect for us old folk!?

Appreciate your notes as always! Happy Holidays and warmest wishes from the Left Coast.

Cheers mate,

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Old 12-20-2013, 11:25 AM
Noel_Byrne Noel_Byrne is offline
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Default Black Friday

hey Jason,

I think I mentioned that this is the first year I have come across black friday, and I think the South park team did a great job by combining it with the TV show Game of Thrones. I love the three parters! But having read some articles about injuries and the madness, it seems they werent that far off the mark. You know, I think I would happily miss a 99% reduction on a playstation just for the peace of mind that I am not going to have my arm ripped off and be beaten to death with the wet end! I seen somebody else say that its only a matter of time before people realize that all thats holding them back is a pane of glass.
I'm not really one for material possessions, so sales never interest me but by golly those people seem mad!

Hope the Christmas spirit is rife in the desert, and that everything is decked with holly!
All the best
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