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Great delpeoples 2013-12-11 17:36

Dear Krzysztof

Poor boy, come and visit us in Aus and we'll show you some warm weather :) But I can understand why you would be missing the sun and hope that the winter is not too bitter. This is really interesting choosing B&W. Like you, I'm a big fan of B&W and this is really wonderful. When I first saw it in thumbnail, I thought " what the hell is K doing choosing B&W for a Greek Island?" But on enlarging the photo, I understand your thinking and love it. Particularly the effect made by the sunbed and it's shadow and the sea that looks like wet cement. There is one thing - a small thing - to whinge about and that it your horizon. Obviously you couldn't correct the image in Photoshop by tilting it, but are you aware of how to correct it manually? I'll do a WS to show you, if you don't mind.

Anyway, top marks here. It's a photo where you've thought outside the box and I adore it.


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Default To delpeoples: Thank You

Thank You Lisa for taking time and correction of my picture.
I donīt use Photoshop,just the simple software attached to every Windows(it calls Windows Live Photo).It can level the horizon automatically,so itīs my fault I wasnīt caution enough and did not check once more before posting the image.
PS.funny thing with this image or better say with the software I use.Iīve just tried again to level the horizon automatically and the program do not recognize the tilt.In my previous pictures it worked without reservation.Iīll be more careful in the future.
And Australia sounds captivating,especially now in winter.Maybe next year in autumn or winter.
Now Iīm waiting impatiently for my next trip to Dubai and Istanbul in March

Have a nice day
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