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Great jcpix 2013-10-30 19:25

Geez Craig...clean yourself up would ya', you slob! lol

One laugh for another today, funny story! Great memory though, right? :)

I went through a similar situation in Santa Margherita, walking from the train station to the hotel during an epic heat wave with high humidity, yuk! I must have looked like I had just emerged from the sea as I stood at the front desk covered in perspiration. So gross! Even worse, the "air conditioning" that was listed as one of the amenities was nothing more than a desk fan mounted in the upper corner of the room!? WTF?

Anyway, enough about me and onto this shot. I like how you've put this together, it brings out the strong shapes and contrasting colors/tones. The best thing though is something we never have control over...but it can often times make or break a shot, those clouds, yeah? :) Heaven was smiling upon you here to fill that negative space!

O.K., I'm in a goofy, low brow humor kind of mood today...and I'll probably regret asking this, but what is the purpose of that object/structure in the bottom right corner, it looks like a big stubby......?? D'oh!

Enjoy the rest of your evening. Take it easy.

Cheers mate,


Old 10-31-2013, 07:50 PM
macjake macjake is offline
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Default To jcpix: blob

Hey Jason
thanks as always.

whats that weird looking thing over on the right side? looks like the piece thats used in the Monopoly game! just on steroids haha

yeah, no idea, guess its some sort of architectural design that somebody thought looked classy.

cool halloween photo for today, I don't think I have any spooky graveyard shots...maybe I have one from Lima, i'll check it out.
see you around
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