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Great EstudioChispa 2013-10-25 13:38

This is a great one to study! The scene is simple and the composition is direct, but it's complex, utilizing the wide-angle's ability to stretch the FG-to-BG dimension along that hitchin' post and delivering a great diagonal line that continues through the bottom edge of the bluff in the upper right corner. Aligning the near post with the right-side post of the corral gate gives great geometry to the composition and with all the straight lines, you get the bonus of the rounded shadows on the left of the frame. Pretty cool and sophisticated stuff for a shot that looks somewhat minimalist at first glance.

I get a cinematographic feeling from it, as though it were the opening shot of a scene from a Western movie. As an "establishing shot," it's awesome -- you know you're in horse country (not "house" country, Noel! *smile* or maybe I'm missing the joke), you know the sun is low, and you know the mountains are close... and rugged! Sergio Leone might let the camera linger long enough that we see the shadows move, telling us that it's morning or evening. Cue the Ennio Morricone score!

Best wishes for a fine weekend!

Austin, Texas

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Default To EstudioChispa: Analysis

Hey Russ,

As you know, I'm pretty much going on "if I like what I see, I shoot it." Now, I do make a conscious effort to make sure things are composed in a way that would hopefully be worthy enough of an attractive shot. In saying this, I love your take on things, the in depth details that I wouldn't have thought of beforehand.

I can honestly say I've picked up some some very strong, relative and important info from your "break downs." It makes me see things in a way that I wouldn't have otherwise. Another great part of this type of interaction, and that continued learning process from hundreds and even thousands of miles/km's away!

Thanks so much for the insight and viewpoints, I truly appreciate the feedback. It's funny, I thought very much the same thing when I first took a look after snapping the picture...."yeah, o.k....nothing fact, rather 'empty'," but you've helped to realize some of the nuances and
better understand what may work in the future.

Good to hear from you as always. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Take care


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