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Great EstudioChispa 2013-10-24 15:03

What an incredible view, and I'd say your post-processing on this is flawless. To really, really LOOK FOR a nit to pick, I'd have to go all the way back to the bannisters on the staircase, which seem blown out. But everything else appears very evenly-lit, including the predictably troublesome spots like the shadows around the inset statues. It is obvious that you have tackled a big challenge -- I would guess the difference between the skylight and the frescoes would be 3-to-5 stops, and when you remember that means two to the power of three-to-fve, that's a HUGE spread! Are you sure you aren't using some HDR trickery?!?! ;-)

And your title cracked me up, even before I clicked on the full frame!

As always, I appreciate your insightful comments and always look forward to reading your remarks.

Best regards,

Austin, Texas

Old 10-25-2013, 03:38 AM
jcpix jcpix is offline
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Default To EstudioChispa: Processing challenges

Why thank you sir, another very kind and appreciated compliment!

This is one in particular that I believe would have benefited greatly from HDR, but since I don't have the know-how...and more importantly the program to do so, I was left to my own devices!? That being said, I'm humbled that is was received with positive feedback on some of the PP.

This was a tough one for sure...the light variances were, for lack of a better pun, night and day! ha

Glad you enjoyed the title, I was a bit hesitant thinking that many of our foreign friends might not quite understand the slight play of words.

Always great to receive your thoughts and perspective Russ, it's a big part of how I learn and better understand certain aspects and details. I'm still very much "monkey see, monkey do" with what, how, when, why and where I shoot...but it's fun learning more of the "inner workings."

Enjoy the rest of the evening. Take it easy,

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