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Great macjake 2013-10-21 16:47

Hi Jason
excellent photo for a learning session of how to photograph geometry.

can you imagine trying to count all the shapes and forms in this one?!

the long line in the lower fg is a smart way to start it, and I absolutely love the staircase way off into the distance - it looks exactly like the staircase in my home

yeah right!!!! lol

and the curved bank of lights in the bg are excellent too. there are so many awesome parts I can't even name them all.

this photo is much more difficult to execute than it looks, and i hope people appreciate and acknowledge that.

again....all thats missing is a hot lady in a stunning red dress walking down that elegant couldn't provide that extra little detail for us? lol

see you around

Old 10-22-2013, 04:07 AM
jcpix jcpix is offline
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Default To macjake: Geometry

Hi Craig,

Thanks so much for the comments, always great to hear from you!

As much I'd enjoy a staircase like that, I'm glad I don't have one in the house...with my luck I'd be a walking bruise, always finding a way to trip UP the stairs!? lol

Yes, finding the right light balance was tricky to say the least...and even then I still had to try and even it out with some PP. I mentioned to Krzysztof that I think this was one in particular that would have benefited greatly from some HDR work...and if there's anyone that knows how to do it best, it's you two guys!

As far as the missing hot lady....well, if I could come up with that on que, I wouldn't still be single!

Have a great night amigo,

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