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Great jcpix 2013-10-12 20:45

Hi Craig,

THIS is about the best example I've seen of the effects from a wide angle...and I love it! As you well know, it doesn't always work to your advantage with every subject, but this...this has got to be one of the sweetest applications!

What it's done for the distortion with these lines, shapes and pattern is just outstanding. It was many of your images that got me to start using it more and more often, and when you come up with a result that greatly emphasizes the difference it can make, I sure hope it influences others as long as they don't get carried away with it though! :)

The geometry in this square by the use of the lens is a beauty, and even though the directional light may not have been at your back, you've still produced a great amount of detail and precision as always. Very cool shot! Hope you're having a good weekend. Take it easy.

Cheers from PHX,


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Default To jcpix: appreciation

Hey Jason
I really appreciate the kind words, seems like there aren't many members liking this photo, so it was nice to hear the encouragement.

The wide angle lens has become my favorite. I use it alot, and i'm still learning HOW to use it too. There's a steep learning curve with it.

I cant believe malgo is in istanbul!!!!! Man ahe travels alot!!! Good for her though
Any travel plans in the making?
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Old 10-14-2013, 12:00 AM
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Default The wide angle

Hi Craig,

It's always fascinated me to see how we all interact with one another, and to find out personal preferences and perspectives through the photo's. What some like, others may not...and vice versa. This shot really got my attention, and one that I like certainly piques my interest's.

I love working with the wide angle. At first I though it created too much distance from my main points of focus, but as I've developed a better sense for how it applies to each situation I think it's worked to my advantage. Obviously a long way to go still, every time out is a new learning experience...and it sure is fun to try different things!

I can only envy Malgo's travels. Like you said, good for her though...always good to know others are out following their passions. There's nothing more I would enjoy right now than to be able to travel and photograph...I bet we all feel that way though, yeah?

I plan new trips every day, unfortunately my less than stellar bank account and extreme lack of time off from work tells me otherwise!? I tell ya', I feel trapped...that urge to get out and about is enough to land me in a padded cell! If I'm not mistaken, I saw that you guys were thinking of either Turkey or Italy next year....sweet, can't go wrong either place. I'd love to see Instanbul as well, looks like a really neat city that merges East and West.

Hope you're having a nice weekend. Take it easy.

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