Please Restore My Picture If Possible

  • Dear TE Moderator

    At random place, at random time, I saw random flowers dropped on a rock. I gave it a quick snapshot. I posted this picture on TE because I think it is the best way to show the beauty and uniqueness of Hawaii. Also, it was part of my travel experience. It fits TE perfectly.

    The following flower pictures are survived. My picture had to go. Why do you treat members differently?

    So, please restore my picture if possible. Thank you very much.

  • I am not a moderator or anything but I am sorry that you lost your pictures, I have had the same situation not here but another travel forum. Have you tried to contact with support team, maybe they can help you?
  • If the moderators remove a photo, you should receive an e-mail explaining the reason and giving you the opportunity to explain why you think the decision may be wrong. Please check your e-mails including any Spam / Junk folders as I can confirm that an e-mail was sent on the 4th October.
  • Same Problem
    I have the same problem on T.N.
    A photo of a Feral cat I took while on holiday in Istanbul was taken of because it was classed as a pet. I received an e.mail to explain why, I replied it was not a pet but a feral cat. It has not been reloaded to my gallery.