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Great macjake 2013-08-14 13:54

Hi Russ
this photo was taken a long time ago, Imagine being told back in 1979 that in only a couple of decades you could take photo's without film, and you could erase it as soon as you took it - they'd think you're crazy! haha
I actually like the grain feel here, grain has its place in photography - for shots just like this one.
its as if i'm looking at a print in a newspaper.
very cool.

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Talking To macjake: Grain -- and the future

I am not bothered by grain, either, Craig, but I sure appreciate the vote of confidence! It may be that a more refined scan of this slide would produce a better image, but that will have to wait for another day.

And you are so right -- of course, we were told that miracles like this (digital photography) could and would happen, but I failed to grasp Moore's Law and thought that I would not live to see the day when digital imaging could equal or surpass the resolution of film emulsions -- it would take, they told us, 20 to 25 megapixels. That was a huge file in 1980; I could not foresee it happening.

Two predictions in the mill today fascinate me. The first is that HDR -- what you and I and others toy with, shooting the same landscape, widely bracketed, then allowing software to assemble a single scene with details in both the highlights and the shadows -- could easily become standard processing on most cameras. Set the controls, squeeze the shutter, and the computer collects all the data it needs. Out comes an HDR image!

The other (and there is a brand name or a type associated with it but I'm too lazy to look it up) are the "no focus" or "focus later" images. The camera gathers its data, then LATER you can essentially focus within the image, FG, BG, anywhere you care...

"as if I'm looking at a newspaper," you say?

"Grandpa, what's a 'newspaper'?" ;-)

Best regards from the 20th Century!

Austin, Texas
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