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Great jcpix 2013-08-08 17:14

Hi Russ,

Looks like I've missed quite a number of new photo's from your gallery since I've been away...and how have you let Kristin blow by you in the points race? :) As much as I love working with color, these types of black & whites are always fun...this has a wonderful, somewhat nostalgic feeling about it. Oh geez, I ended a sentence with a edumacation needs some fine tuning!?

Anyway, I'm loving the raw, gritty and desolate vibe from this shot...and the B&W gives it all an "artsy" type of appeal. If I didn't know any better, I'd say this could pass as a clipped out section from an old movie reel. Great utilization of the "less is more" approach. I'd sure hate to chase down all of my missed shots on that hoop, that ball could roll for some time! Have a great weekend ahead.

Take it easy,


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Talking To jcpix: Life must come first, no?

Hey Jason!

Thanks for the feedback (and the little dig on the points race -- I'm taking it as well as could be expected; pass the Kleenex!). I've also followed your other posts regarding work issues that may keep you from being a daily participant here -- so I'll cite similar as my excuse for the gap that Kristin has opened. I've got some commitments here that are taking my time, so I may have not posted often enough, not posted good enough stuff, and not kept up the chit-chat that helps draw people to my shots, PLUS, of course, Kristin has put up some dynamite material!

You hilariously point out one other disadvantage to that basketball goal, but the whole idea of trying to play some hoops in 40-degree (C) weather makes me reach for a beer rather than my sneakers.

And your edumacation seems to have been just fine. You ended with a prepositional phrase ("about it"), which is no violation of any rule. The rule is against dangling your preposition (still a felony in 6 southern states) -- a charge you could serve hard time for! (<= intentional example, don't write me up!) I mean, of course, it is a charge for which you could serve hard time.

Best regards,

Austin, Texas
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Old 08-10-2013, 03:06 AM
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Default Grammar Police :)

Hey Russ,

Love the message, got a good kick out of the grammar lesson! I sometimes tend to write as I speak...which comes with a Utah upbringing at times. It took a while to stop myself from using the phrase 'Where you at?" To quote the great Austin Powers "Allow myself to introduce.....myself!??" Serving hard time is nothing I want a part of! Uh oh, did I do it again?? lol

I would agree, Kristin has put up some great stuff, as well as yourself! So glad I've come to know the both of you and your talents! This site has been fantastic for meeting new people, sharing the same interests and a lot of the same humor!! I've seen that you've had some good exchange with Noel and Lisa, they bring a smile of laughter quite often!

And look at you for using Celcius for the temperature reference! I'm still getting adjusted to the conversions as I use it from time to time in my notes...but it's another great little facet of learning from this interaction with so many of our TE friends from around the globe. I'm afraid I've become far too out of shape to play basketball anymore unless I'm in a pool, so that hoop from your pic wouldn't get much use anyway. ha

Keep bringing the good pics. I agree, life comes first...but I still need to feed my addiction here as often as possible.
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