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Great mcmtanyel 2013-05-06 9:05

Hi John,
Baroness Thatcher is one of the people I would have loved to shake hands with. After Her Majesty, she is my second favorite Brit. This is a very apt memorial to her.

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Default To mcmtanyel: I worried about this one...........!

Hello Murat,

Thank you for your kind remarks about this picture! I must admit that I was a bit worried about posting this picture (which I actually took a few years ago at an aircraft museum here in Scotland) and after I had posted it I really thought that I should remove it. Baroness Thatcher was certainly well thought of in the U.S. (and was a great pal of Ronald Regan) but opinions were very divided here in Britain. In fact, after her death there were several demonstrations and, indeed, street parties celebrating her demise - I know that people have the right to have demonstrations about their beliefs in free countries but I thought it was quite disgusting. She certainly did a great deal to improve the economy of this country which was, in the late 1970s, declining fast. And, of course, there were many here who felt that we should not have gone to war with Argentina either. Some, even now, believe that we should simply hand over the Falkland Islands to Argentinia. I suppose we are all entitled to our opinions. Anyway, thank you for your kind critique!

Incidentally, I was reading your long and interesting introduction on TE and followed the link to the old 126 camera which you used - that took me to your Flickr gallery which I couldn't help browsing. Then I came across some motor car pictures which really interested me as I'm a bit of a "car buff" and enjoy particularly the older ones. So I'm going to write something about this picture for you - it's a British car called a H.R.G. - you can read about the company (now defunct) here. I believe that this is a 1938 H.R.G. Airline Coupé and if you look at this webpage, I think the pictures there are of the actual car which you have photographed!

Kind Regards,

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Thank you, John!
Best Wishes
PS - The matter of the Falklands should be settled between GB and the inhabitants of the islands, IMHO. My understanding is that they are quite happy to be British subjects.
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