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Great Royaldevon 2013-04-09 8:45

Hello John,

Perhaps you chose this photograph because you regarded Mrs. Thatcher as a fighter. She certainly fought for what SHE believed in. I'm not going to pursue political opinions, rather dwell on your photograph, which is taken from a good angle for an imposing presence. I like how it creates a diagonal across the frame, shows off well against a lovely blue sky and captures interesting details.
Maybe a step backwards would have captured the entire right wing without spoiling the composition, or maybe that wasn't possible.

My warm regards,
Bev :-)

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Default To Royaldevon: To remove it or not?

Hello Bev,

I posted this one this morning in all innocence and, yes, I did (and still do) have a lot of respect for Margaret Thatcher. But now, what with other comments which I have received, I wonder if it might be priudent if I were to remove this picture if there is any chance of it causing any further upset.

The trouble in this day and age is that it seems to be perfectly acceptable to have wild drunken street parties to celebrate this poor woman's death but anyone supporting her views and what she stood for is looked upon as having extreme and very unsavoury political views.

Shall I remove it, Bev? What do you think?

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Old 04-09-2013, 05:12 PM
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Default Decisions!

Hi John,

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your photograph.
I suppose the difficulty arises that this is a photograph of an aeroplane but the notes are all about Mrs. Thatcher. When it is Remembrance Day we post poppies, when it is Christmas, we post symbols associated with the Nativity; I'm not sure about the link, here, unless it is a reference to Falklands or, as I suggested, her character.

I wouldn't delete the photograph.
I might consider altering the notes but that is very much your own decision and strength of feeling.

Whatever anyone's opinion of her as a leader, I cannot in any way condone celebrations regarding her death. She was no Saddam Hussein! She was the sort of lady who had strong beliefs and followed them to the letter.

My kind regards,
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