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Great delpeoples 2013-02-22 14:29

Gidday Craig

Well it might only be Friday to you, but it's Saturday morning here, so thanks, I'm enjoying my weekend :)

Glad to see you back posting and I hope you're not too sad and that your folks are ok. I was devastated when my nannas passed away.

This is such a bright, colourful and welcoming photo. I couldn't wait to open it when I saw it in thumbnail. And wasn't disappointed. Interesting that you shot only the reflection and not the oat itself. Unusual for your gallery, yet it has a great effect. Actually, I'm not sure, but there might be a new rule about shooting only reflections, you might want to check it as I'd hate to see this one disappear. That's the anally retentive lawyer in me, sorry. Anyway, what can I say? The light is exquisite and the photo has been composed beautifully. Have a lovely Friday and weekend. We're off to a wedding today, yay I love weddings. Which reminds me, when are you tying the knot, as I'd love an excuse to fly to Canada? ;))))

Lisa (just joking if course, can't resist stirring)

Old 02-23-2013, 03:20 AM
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Default To delpeoples: the boat

Hey Lisa
as you have said a time or two, there are times when I get bored with the same subjects over and over again. I wanted to upload another scenic shot from Warsaw, but i don't want to over saturate my subjects. but then again, its for me right? I should post what ever I like I suppose! but I don't want to bore other people so its a hard mix

I have a number of these boat reflections, they're so much fun to take!

as for my grandparents, it wasn't a surprise, we were kind of expecting pop to pass away for about 3 years now, he hasn't been well at all, with very poor quality of life. so perhaps this is a blessing, if you know what i mean, but of course its still sad, and my heart goes out to my nan, she's taking it terribly terribly hard. he passed away 1 day before their 68th anniversary

as for tying the knot! Tosca and I are actually very pleased with living in SIN! lol
we don't really have any plans to get married, we've both been divorced once, so perhaps we've had our fill of the marriage thing! does that sound bad? i does doesn't it! lol
but guess what, Tosca would tell you the EXACT same thing - its just how we feel, gotta be honest right!?!

wedding or no wedding, get to Canada anyway!
cheers, and i appreciate your kind words and sympathies
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