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Great tyro 2012-08-07 6:02

Ciao cara Lisa,

I looked at this picture just over an hour ago but made no comment at that time because you hadn't by then uploaded your workshop pictures. But now that I see all three pictures, I realise how much this must be a very emotional time for you.

I presume that your father was one of the Italian military internees following the armistice between Italy and Allied forces in late 1943. He was, indeed, most fortunate to have managed to escape and it's fabulous that you have a picture of him looking happy and relaxed with two of his pals in 1952. A good looking fella too - and one to whom you owe your good looks too, if I'm not mistaken - yes, your smile in your photo on your introductory page is just like his! Your other workshop picture is an excellent reminder too though I think I'm correct in thinking that your father doesn't feature in that photo as it's one which you captured in a museum.

Although you don't actually say where your main picture was taken, I believe it to be in the Galleria Umberto, as here - that roof dome is unmistakable! An excellent black and white rendition of this wonderful and impressive interior with lovely tones and contrasts and excellent light. Fabulous details and sharpness too.


Kind Regards,


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Talking To tyro: Caro Giovanni

Caro Giovanni

Thank you so much for your beautiful critique. Unfortunately for me it was my sister that got all dad's Mediterrean looks. I'm more Skippy The Bush Kangaroo does Scottish Freckle-Bunch (Dad's words) But Dad - eternally vain - will be delighted with your comments. You can take the Italian out of Italy....

Yes you're right yet again, this is the Galleria Umberto I. I should have put that in my note, I forgot to in all the kerfuffle.

Thanks for your link to the Italian Military Internees. I never knew much about them as Dad only talked about what happened a few years ago. Yes Dad - and 2,000 others from his village were taken under that guise - but none of them were in the military. Dad was only 15 or 16 and they rounded him up on the street just outside where he worked at the shipyard. About 200 escaped, the rest perished in the camps. All he remembers the German soldiers yelling over and over again at them was "arbeiten, arbeiten" -"work, work".

I tried to put up an extra Workshop of a photo of the ship SS Florentia. Funnily enough, it was built in Scotland in 1914: Safe to say, the voyage was a pretty hairy one, especially sailing near the Cape of Good Hope and hitting the Roaring Forties.

Anyway, thanks again for your nice words. We'll be having a big party on the weekend to celebrate it!

Un abbraccio affettuoso
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