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Great photographydoc 2012-03-26 20:37

I really enjoy reading your notes and photos of Afghanistan, geez must have been a very dangerous place to be at, bombs going off all day long, army people everywhere. Did you have any guards with you while you were wondering the streets of Kabul? or was it just you and your driver. Your hotel sounds very securer with guards.

It just makes me think about the locals this is their normal everyday life's they just learn to live with bombs, terror and army people around and learn to cope with this way of life everyday.

Your photos and notes is a great document of the way of life from the locals point of view in Afghanistan I thank you so much for sharing these stories and photos on TE with us all, the people sound so friendly and wanted you to come to lunch or dinner with them at their homes but it can be dangerous so you did the right thing to pass.

One day when this war is over in Afghanistan i would Love to visit Afghanistan myself i find the country so fascinating!! i love their culture, traditional clothing and the people sound so friendly and great people. Hopefully one day their will be peace in the country. My friends say I'm crazy who on earth would like to visit Afghanistan lol, but they don't know much about it or the people from there. I say to my friends and family that it's the 'extremist' who are the evil ones who kills innocent women and children, not the civilians who have to live in this dangerous times in their country.

I hope one day it be once again safe to visit Afghanistan I want to meet the wonderful people and explore this great country. I know that their are tours that run there at the moment but it's still too dangerous.

I was wondering how did you manage to get their and how did you manage to get this driver who was your guide? can anyone just go there is it easy? i heard you went there for vacation.

May God be with Afghanistan and it's people may God look after them and the children, women and families keep them safe, they are all in my prayers!!!! godbless.

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Default To photographydoc: A bit late

Sorry photodoc ...I'm "off and on" with TE these days and just saw this note with the questions so I apologize for such a late response answer some questions:

First off, the people there are amazing friendly, for the most part. It's the bad 1% you have to worry about, just as in any other country ...there just happens to be a lot more guns and weapons in this one.

How I went there, yeah, sent my passport to washington and had a visa in one day. Booked a flight through Delhi problems whatsoever. When I got there, that was a daiiferent story ...just walking the streets, such as chicken street, I would recommend a body guard or two if your not too "confident" ...just to "shadow" you. I did go there for vacation and the driver was from the hotel.

The place I stayed at was my second choice ...the first I was deterred from by some mercs at the airport. The Serena, where I stayed, basically is a small fortress with it's own army but do be aware that it has been bombed quite a few times, from the inside and out, and it's not totally safe ...nowhere is in a country like this.

My best advice is to use common sense. It's a damn dangrous country and I wish I saw more of it, but it does get a bit nerve wracking ...and I'm used to big guns and such. I would say that if you haven't been to any areas of the world where you run into guns, a little bit of civil war, etc, etc, ...afghanistan may not be the best place to start.

That said, amazing people and amazing country. Be aware before you go ...common sense, yet, just going there is almost non-common sensical

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Default Oh yeah ...the tours

Watch the tours and don't prepay ...alot of them are quite legitimate and many are in the safer places, but getting to those safer places often times requires traversing the more dangerous places, so just be aware of that before you book.

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