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Great jadesgran 2012-02-08 5:20

Hello John
I love this snow scene! It`s great!
It`s nice to look back and see what is sometimes a distant memory.I feel rather cheated with the amount of snow we`ve had this year, and wish I had taken lots more last year, but being on crutches was rather a hindrance, but hey! there is still time yet.
Many thanks for all the comments you have given me in the past .Much appreciated, and often not worthy.
kind Regards Gladys.

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Default To jadesgran: Don't be so self-deprecating!

Hi Gladys,

Thank you for your very kind comments on this one.

As you say, we've had precious little snow this winter which is a bit unfair as now I am retired, I don't have to struggle through the snow to get to work any more. Last year, there was one night when it took me over two hours to drive the 12 miles from the hospital to home because of the terrible snow. This picture, I think, was taken the following morning when I had a day off after being on-call.

I was sorry to hear that you had spent last winter on crutches - had you had a nasty fall and broken something?

And please, please, please, don't be so self-deprecating! I wouldn't comment on your pictures if I didn't like them or didn't feel that they were worthy of comment or critique. There's nothing worse than the (several) people here who write glowing critiques about photographs which, quite honestly, are of poor quality in order that they may receive similar glowing critiques (and points) for their own stuff.

And when I say that some pictures are of poor quality, I don't mean that they've not been taken with the latest, most expensive, top-of-the-range equipment: I mean that the people who took them have not put any thought or effort into either the taking of the picture or in its presentation. I'm convinced that producing good photographs is like any other achievement in this life: if you want good results, it takes a lot of time and a lot of hard graft.

And notes too: that's another bugbear. Surely if people are so keen as to show us a picture of a place, then they should be sufficiently keen to write just a few words about the castle, house, harbour or whatever. I really have learned a lot about places both here and abroad through notes I have read on TE and am put off commenting on photographs if they don't have at least some rudimentary note.

Enough ranting! I should calm down. I really look forward to seeing your shots and shall continue to make remarks about them! What I often find really interesting is to compare your pictures with those of Les as you obviously often go for walks and treks together and it is interesting to see how different people "see" the landscapes they are faced with.

As a parting shot, though, much though you're still in love with your little old Minolta, I do believe that you have outgrown it somewhat and I really think you would be amazed to see the results obtainable with a more modern compact camera. I know that you don't want a big heavy camera like Les's Nikon, but it's amazing what these little compacts can do these days. Have a look at what Denis takes with his little pocket Nikon P50 which isn't that new and wasn't that expensive when it was available. Or one of my pals, Gunnar who uses a Canon G10 exclusively - mind you, although it's not produced any more, it was quite an expensive camera. On a very similar note you see, I'm still very much in love with my little car and wouldn't part with her for anything: she's wonderful fun for little drives around the country roads in the summer but if I wanted to drive from Scotland to London, I'd use my more modern car for that!

Kindest Regards,


P.S. Keep the pictures coming!
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