To sacavem: Participação;

  • Good evening Filipe,

    sorry if I do not respond in Portuguese, I know to read and speak correctly but I can't write, although my parents are Portuguese and I was born in Portugal, my whole school career took place in France.

    I don't participate often, because to my great regret, I lack the time, largely because of my work.
    In addition, I spend more per day 8:00 in front of a PC, to torture databases, spreadsheets and presentations, and when I go home, the little moment of relaxation that I have, I spend family, and I prefer read a good book or listen music, as I replant at a computer. This is my safety valve, with the photo.

    But I'll try to be more regular on TE, and you can count me as Portuguese, although I'm French now

    Sincerely, Dino.