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Great macjake 2010-12-17 3:30

HI Mariusz
wonderful to hear your passion for this area, the best "travel book" are the words written by tourists like yourself. did you find it safe there? any worrysome moments?
lovely postcard, you know i love these shots!
excellent idea to include the orange colour in the FG to compliment the architecture. very sharp and clear as your usual work. not as many people as i would imagine.
great photo and story

Old 12-17-2010, 12:13 PM
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Cool To macjake: feeling safe

Hi Craig,
Indeed some guidebooks stress out the rising crime rate in BA.
I was a bit worried at the beginning of the trip. I took extra safety measures (like having a fake wallet with some expired Visa cards with me etc) but I don't think they were necessary.

First of all in the most beautiful (=touristic) regions in Patagonia it is very safe.

Buenos Aires is probably as dangerous as any large city.
It is true however that I spent only three days there so most of the time I have spent in the touristic places. In these places there were plenty of relaxed people with huge cameras on their shoulders. I did not notice anything unusual.
I am always watching my belongings wherever I am anyway.
Once I went by mistake (subway not well marked) to a place which was a bit dodgy. Suddenly streets became kind of dirrtier and people poorer looking etc, and I was a bit worried. I would not worry probably being alone but traveling with a beautiful woman who likes to dress up (my wife) makes me always feel double as careful as I would be. Also bigger camera can attract some attention in such places. But I think it was just my feeling.
I guess when you enter certain street quarters you take an increased risk. It is however true as well when you go to the north Dublin where I am afraid to take out my camera.

Once in Montevideo on a street which was actually mentioned in a guidebook as being a bit risky I was asked for change by a young boy. I could have passed ignoring him but I gave him some change and I think this was a mistake, he started to run after me for some time asking for more and literally screaming "amigo" etc. I had a problem to lose him so I entered a shop where my wife was. I have spotted the boy later with several other boys running after people. I think they may have been steeling. Although just a little bit further on a larger square I spend over an hour taking photos of the square from probably all possible angles with or without my wife and nobody bothered us at all.

I think Dublin is becoming scarier nowadays

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