To graffer: Thank you, Peter!

  • Thank you, Peter, for your kind remarks about this one. It's nice to see you back - have you been away?

    This one, actually, was as easy as pie. It was Didi Massoud, whom you might recall as the master of "stitched" images - he has some pictures composed of as many as 60 separate images (!) as well as a few panoramas into the bargain, who told me off for using a polarising filter when taking pictures for merging into a panorama. It might have been one from last year in Crete, I can't remember.

    Anyway, I suppose it really is quite obvious that if you take individual pictures in a large arc, the effect of the polariser will vary according to the angle of the sun and the camera. So that's why you end up with patches of blue sky of differing saturation. Faced with a sky such as this, however, it's difficult not to yield to the temptation of popping on the polariser and winding it round to give its maximum effect.

    The other thing is to use manual exposure so that, once set, all the pictures are taken at the same aperture and shutter speed. Again pretty obvious, I suppose. That, I reckon, would make it impossible for you to do this with your trusty little Canon which, if memory serves me right, now only operates on automatic settings. Having said that, you have posted panoramic pictures taken with your Canon and they have been excellent.

    As I start this next paragraph, I suddenly realise that I have made a misleading remark in my note for this picture. Yes, I did shoot all the pictures in RAW but also in JPEG (I always do), but I actually used just 10 JPEG images for this and didn't do any sort of RAW editing or conversion - I must correct that. So, basically, I just shoved all 10 JPEG images into Photomerge in PSE6 and hey, presto! Nothing else to do but a very slight straightening, a bit of contrast and resizing (x2) and sharpening.

    Yes, I'd never been to Corfu before, although Yvonne had. Much greener than either Cyprus or Crete and smaller too. Same lovely Mediterranean food with lots of olive oil and fresh vegetables. Some history too as you will see from a couple of pictures so far of Ano Périthia (Old Périthia) here. Unfortunately, we were only there for a week so couldn't do all that much exploring.

    Kind Regards,