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Great tomi1 2010-08-28 5:00

Oeiras, 28-8-2010
Hello Paul
Before let me say to you the river Formoso in Brasil gets deeper away from the beach depending where you are. I like to see the moon just as we see it without artifical increasing with lens. The conquering of it seems false but it is time the men stat going to that exploration. At least I would like to see what others buried never will. With a station at moon the human being might see it at the precise moment with cameras set. Weel the city of Toledo is a real amount of houses and at this right place the streets must be like narrowed labyrinths. I remember Tanger where our trip group visited it with a local guider. Despite all the ship allowed de issues of boys in group but did not allow a woman who wanted to go to the city.But we are talking of different countries and mentallities. It is case to say the old sentence "I fear my shadow. Criminality is everywhere. Kindest regards. Domingos

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Default To tomi1: Narrow streets in the historical town

Hello Domingos,

A very long time ago I've been in Tanger and I think I understand what you want to say.
I can assure you that Toledo (or other Spanish towns) are very much different from Tanger. Even Andalusian towns that were centuries ago a long time under Moorish government.

Toledo indeed has many narrow streets and in my opinion not so many plazas as in many other Spanish cities. Now I'm talking about the old town of Toledo.
So driving by car into the old town is probably something you should avoid.
If you like to go by car to Toledo, you can easily stay in a hotel in the new town and from there walk to the historical old town.
If you like, I can give you the address of a website to look for hotels where people who have stayed there have written their comments about the hotels.
There you can also find the hotels advised by people travelling by car.

About criminality:
When we visited Toledo (2 people) we stayed in a hotel in the center of the historical town. (On TE I've also posted a picture taken from the rooftop of the hotel building). So most of the time (from morning till late evening ) we were in the old town and its narrow streets. We never encountered a problem and felt very safe everywhere.
I dont' think you should worry to much about safety in Toledo. Just take the the necessary precautions you should take everywhere you go.
Then it will be a pleasure to wonder through the narrow streets.
And I can assure you we never had the experiences in Toledo that I had a very long time ago in Tanger.

Best regards,
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