To brano14: Thanks

  • Thank you for your words of praise and constructive critique, Brano!

    I'm honored that you have selected my shot as your "photo of the month." Although I was living just an hour away from the Grand Canyon at the time, I waited nearly two years to visit Havasu Falls. I have always been very critical of this picture, mostly because I was just beginning to cultivate an interest in photography and still learning how to use my camera when I snapped it, so I held off on posting it until now. But I feel this shot captures the essence of the place; from the brilliant turquoise waters to the magnificent red cliff faces and the utter serenity of the environment. And that is why I chose to share it: to share a small slice of the world - the way I saw it - that made a real impression on me. I hope you are one day able to visit this natural paradise and share with us your own perspectives and images. Looking forward to it.

    Best regards,

    Brian D.