To Kielia: windmills...

  • Thanks for your visit & critique Harriet. In fact I doubt if the windmills are made in Schleswig-Holstein. There are 2 companies in India who manufacture these windmills with technology from Europe. The company whose windmills are installed in & around Jaisalmer, which you see here in this picture, is in fact the largest wind turbine manufacturer in Asia (and the fifth largest worldwide). It has several manufacturing sites in India including Pondicherry, Daman, Bhuj and Gandhidham as well as in mainland China, Germany and Belgium. The company has design and R&D teams and facilities in Hamburg, India and The Netherlands. One of its key technological partners is the University of Kiel in your country!
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    Thanks for your kind and interesting reply. Let us hope for the benefit of this planet that these technologies will become even more popular across the world!
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