To batalay: Cruise

  • Hi Bulent,

    I took a cruise in April 2008 from Tahiti to others French Polynesia islands and really enjoyed it. Moorea is the most beautiful island in the Pacific. This photo was taken from the ship.

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    Hello Leonor,

    My friends who had permanent jobs of ships, and cruised year around, used to tell me that Moorea is the most beautiful of all the islands in the world.

    I recently retired from university teaching, in order to write more books. This is going to allow me to travel during the academic year (Sept-June), whereas I could travel only during the summers. Accordingly, I accepted a cruise to Rio in January, something I would never have been able to do in the past.

    Until five years ago, I wrote research papers in theoretical physics that only about 18 people in the world could understand (or had any interest in). But five years ago when I wrote "Math and the Mona Lisa," it became overwhelmingly, unexpectedly successful. It is now in 12 languages. And this year the National Geographic recently released my new book, "Leonardo's Universe: the Renaissance World of Leonardo da Vinci," and we are hoping for similar success, if not as great as the earlier. But, in merging the greatest art of species with the defining photography of the National Geographic Society, it has already been declared "One of ten must-have books for the year." Thus my decision to retire from teaching. But since I have been tied to a classroom since I was six years old, this is a terrifying step.

    Warm regards,