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Default Original activity of the post...

Photo Information

Copyright: George Grabarczyk (Polonaise) (18534)
Photo Version: Original Version
Theme(s): Blast from the past ! [view contributor(s)]
Original Date Submitted: 2008-01-15 7:25
Viewed: 338
Points: 24

avene, zmey, Sanderson-Brown, rigoletto, Clairedelune has marked this note useful

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avene (1597)
[2008-01-15 7:42]

one of your best, I'd say. seems like the man is having good fun watching the people watching him, feels like this is his private joke on all of us/you/them.
I like the reds a lot, and the couple in the background oblivious to the story happening just next to them. but they're story themselves, I guess that's enough for excuse.
thanks, George, I enjoyed looking at this shot.

Bluejeans (10474)
[2008-01-15 7:51]

Ola George ,
Que Belo retrato deste idoso sorridente , gostei das roupas dele vermelhas chama bem atenção de quem passa por ele, bom enqudramento da foto , parabens!!!!
Um abraço Gonçalo

zmey (1492)
[2008-01-15 7:55]

hey, george

what an insight... into the symbols of polish natinalism and folklore. full of character and spirit as is usual the case with your posts. i love it.

veru educating too (for me. i'm not polish you see).

cheers and hugs to both of you (you and the krakowiak)


ps. i have visited krakow once. very very long time ago. didn't have a camera then, but i loved the city.

bombilla (2399)
[2008-01-15 9:24]

Well, for someone like me, who had his ancestors kicked out of Poland, the guy maybe isn't so loveable. Maybe he's even a demon in disguise. But I must say he looks like he deserves a hug, with his red beret and peacock feather.

But . . . 30 years ago. What I most like about this is seeing how you were forming your photographic senses all those years ago. It's a window into your artistic history, George, for all of us who know your work so well. Now we have some glimpses of the where that unique character and approach developed. So, a feather in your cap, too, Jurek.

Best, -Hugh

jasmis (28533)
[2008-01-15 11:45]

ROTFL. I nie wiem co mi się bardziej podoba - zdjęcie czy notka. A za hasło "A Polish version of superman" powinieneś dostać jakiego Oscara albo innego Elzheimera!

ninaL (11638)
[2008-01-15 11:46]

Widze, ze nie boisz sie braku ostrosci.
I racje masz, bo tutaj uroku co nie miara w jego usmiechu, no i w tej parze z tylu, w ubiorze i postawie ktorej te lata 70-e widac.
Pozdrawiam. Grazyna.

noborders (6799)
[2008-01-15 12:04]

Touched, moved by your emotion (in your note), but when I was in Crakow (or Krakow ? not sure), the roofs were bending under the weight of packs of snow so much that the house owners were on top of their roofs to push it down to the streets - great danger of being engulfed into avalanches !...

A lovely city, so exquisite ; sorry, your charming elderly man was not to be seen then (in 1999 more or less) ; he looks really cute here, his faint smile too...

The umbrella just behind him and well centered makes me think, as much as the peacock feather, at a sort of oriental ritual (Bali ? Sri Lanka ? Ethiopia ?) that is described only partly in your note - what is best is to read such a surge of emotion caused by the view of this shy little man, and I guess that specially Polish TEers will find him irresistible !

Sanderson-Brown (743)
[2008-01-15 12:55]

Hi George,
what an unusual shot! Very nice note for the explaination of the shot. Just by the passer-bys the photo is so dated. Great one to pull out!
Thanks for sharing

polter (2630)
[2008-01-15 14:49]

Toż on chyba tańczył na weselu Rydla u Przerwy Tetmajera ! A przynajmniej tam raczkował :))) Nie mógł opuścić takiej imprezy, skoro był już na świecie ;)). I od tej pory nie wyszedł ze swojej sukmany i za skarby świata nie rozstanie się ze swoją czapką z taaaaaaaaaakimi piórami, choć wiadomo, czym to może się skończyć ;))). Wspaniała postać, cudna twarz. I wspaniała sukmana - żadna cepelia - aż pachnie autentyzmem...
Dobranocka T.

bantonbuju (39076)
[2008-01-16 4:00]

if nopt him, his brother must be somewhere there...in cracow, in our beloved place where so strongly all those signs of our past and tradition influance our feelings...
a unique place...
never in my life was i disappointed when visiting the place...
always ready to discover new things there...
and there are new things...
orwo films are no longer there, for sure...
all the rest - remians...
good, sentimental thing, bro!
bw, j.

Traczewska (3750)
[2008-01-16 8:14]

Najpierw napisze, ze uwielbiam Twoja zadziorna kokieterie, ktora tak lubi wyjsc czasami spod rabka pierzynki :) Po drugie bardzo lubie takie zdjecia wlasnie.. wlasciwie bezpretensjonalne.. a tak po prostu bo ja przechodzilem a Ty stales.. ale w takim zlozeniu usmiechu i drugiego planu jest pomysl, ktory z latwym wykonaniem nie musi miec wiele wspolnego.
Zatem - od Krakowianki dla Krakowiaka - usmiechy :)
z pozdrowieniami, Agnieszka

Clairedelune (4284)
[2008-01-17 16:11]

Hey! You have already enumerated all the flaws of your photo! What's left for me to say? The good points!!! :)

I will take you at your word that he is a Krakowiak dressed in an authentic folklore uniform. An interesting one indeed! He seems to be totally out of this world, in a dreamy world in fact (look at his eyes!). The day to day life is going on around him, and he is smiling calmly, with his peacock feather on top of his hat.
You know, he seems so much from another world that he might indeed be still alive. At least, it is the case with this photo...
I've read somewhere that you had a "dated style". LOLS!!! Bring us your old photos, George. Some do appreciate them a lot!!
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