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Old 03-30-2009, 01:22 AM
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Default Re: "May I take your photo?" - To ask, or not to ask

Thanks to all for their thoughts on this. It's good to see others have experience the same issue, to some degree.

I saw a woman once, napping on the rocks by the ocean in Europe. Just as I was composing the shot, I saw her open her eyes and look right at me through the lens. The moment felt terribly invasive, but I lowered the camera, smiled, held it up again and raised my eyebrows in question. Her response was perfect: she smiled back, nodded, and resumed her snooze in exactly the same position.

If every subject responded this way, I wouldn't hesitate to ask. But some fix their hair or try to pose, others demand money, and some get downright nasty...

I guess that's what makes those of you able to capture humans in their "natural habitat" so spectacular.

Thanks again :)
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