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Old 01-17-2009, 12:53 AM
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Default Original post activity- part II


bantonbuju (38217)
[2007-11-15 0:32]

jeśli to co piszesz w dialogu łorkszopowym rzeczywiście miało miejsce to ma się to nijak do "spokojnej" twarzy tego dude'a...gościu wygląda jakby przesiadywał w tym miejscu od wieków, jakby był strażnikiem "uniwersalności" tego miejsca...
podoba mi sie właśnie ta pustka wokół...nic tylko nasz dude...
fajne jest to zdjęcie, bezpretensjonalne, a wymowne...
pozdr. j.

adelune (416)
[2007-11-15 1:10]

A very great picture! Even though I don't understand all... TFS this shot George, alain

mursaloglu (2133)
[2007-11-15 1:46]

Dear George
Is a very impressive picture with the huuman interest in the right place. Excellent ihsan

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Furachan (0)
[2007-11-15 2:51]
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Another strong, cool shot, extremely well defined, with that touch of irony and lyricism...

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jasmis (26317)
[2007-11-15 3:21]
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Fajna gębusia, słodkie okularki i magiczna czapeczka. No i ta głębia...

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nicoz (1681)
[2007-11-15 3:45]

Hi George,
I'm not always a big fan of the "how close can you get" buisness, but here it works well. I think that it's because this guy is photogenic and looks kinda kind.
Yep, nice one!

Clairedelune (4079)
[2007-11-15 4:09]
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When you say closer, though sometimes it means "physically" closer (or nearer, if you prefer), you mostly mean to be close to what the person is, his/her "soul" (to a certain point). And I've seen quite often people answering "yes, but I wanted to show the context." Here, you managed to give us both. Isn't that a good answer! :))
I tend to agree with Chris, I suspect that you carry around sunglasses. :)

Your "dialogue" in the WS version is absolutely hilarious! You were in your best form, George! Maybe it is the way to go! Asking money in the streets of the city!
By the way, that photo in the WS... I really like it too. In fact, I don't know which on I prefer. This one, for he seems to be more interacting with you and the other for its colors. And this one... in B&W. So, I'll take the three! :)

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noborders (5141)
[2007-11-15 12:21]

Begging the beggar : is this your habit, does it sometimes work ??? A good way to engage a fruitful dialogue it seems, I should try that too :))

I like the half smiling half face on the edge of the photo and your WS gives a sort of explanation, although that guy does not look as aggressive as you make him sound - but I like the story - also, I prefer this colour version, you know that I'm not a B&W mental freak...

Keep walking in your city, George, you make great, colourful encounters there, no need to travel far !

Best regards,

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Moyano (262)
[2007-11-23 3:01]

No one but you can so frankly rub a portrait under our noses. Love it. You're on his level in every way. What was he talking about?



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zig (2374)
[2007-12-01 8:01]

Hi George. I like it in colour. I was trapped in a B&W trick sometime ago but now I am aware of the effects colour pictures can bring up to us. I love this street shot. He is very photogenic of course but what really tells me story is his glasses and the big empty space before him. He is kind of outcasted from the world. A fine portrait from the street.

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jlynx (7568)
[2007-12-04 5:05]

Nie widzę oczu, ale twarz mówi tutaj wszystko. Okulary pokryte obrazami ulicy i brwi malujace na twarzy go¶cia nie zadane pytanie. Nie można było lepiej oddać tej sceny.
Trzymaj sie Jurek.
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