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Default Original post activity - part I

Photo Information
Copyright: George Grabarczyk (Polonaise) (18354)
Photo Version: Original Version, Workshop
Theme(s): How close can you get., TE' Family Of Men, Street level photography [view contributor(s)]
Original Date Submitted: 2007-11-14 5:04
Viewed: 508
Favorites: 1 [view]
Points: 42

Merline, bantonbuju, KevRyan, melmcree, xuaxo, prezntime, adelune, zig, bombilla, Clairedelune, Traczewska, jlynx - has marked this note useful

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To Clairedelune: show the context." Polonaise 1 11-15 12:46
To melmcree: "over his sholder". Polonaise 1 11-14 19:34
To lestans: I am not able to understand Polonaise 2 11-14 14:12
To faubry: composition from urban view Polonaise 3 11-14 13:54
To KevRyan: people get in the way of fire hydrant photos Polonaise 2 11-14 11:53
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To delic: A pair of cops... Polonaise 1 11-14 07:00
To bombilla: Better dressed than me... Polonaise 1 11-14 06:36
To eumiro: empty concrete jungle. Polonaise 1 11-14 06:26


eumiro (90)
[2007-11-14 5:07]
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Hi George,
great focus on the anonymous and questioning face introducing us to the empty concrete jungle.
Regards, Miroslav

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bombilla (1968)
[2007-11-14 5:44]
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Now it's winter, winter in America. I think you may have found Gil Scott Heron there in the windy plazas of Chicago, U.S.A., George. Looking out of the marble canyons through his dark mirrors, reflecting the city back at itself, 'cause the city don't see him, the city don't see him.


(Hey, what happened to yesterday's mirror? It disappeared.)

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Merline (1250)
[2007-11-14 6:18]
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minding your own business with a camera in hand:-))) ? not sure I believe this:D

Great urban composition to me, love his look and the reflections on the sunglasses, a lot of atmosphere...one can imagine so many lives...


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delic (4123)
[2007-11-14 6:52]
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Any city yeah, but I kinda guessed it was Chicago when I saw the thumbnail. Cool shot with the up-close and personal portrait pushed to the side with the big open space in the middle. May have been worthwhile filling the void with something interesting (like a pair of cops), which may have meant standing next to the guy indefinitely. Best,

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riclopes (20636)
[2007-11-14 7:59]

I choose the color version in WS, without the mirror, G. Although the mirror is a funny exercise - I guess that digitography is taking over photography! Is that you in the sunglasses? Did you really changed those words with this paw? That's why I can't be successful with urban talking faces - I couldn't say those phockin’ words. No black frame here? - it works perfectly. Superb couple of portraits from any city, Chicago. Love his fluffy warm items, although I would prefer to see his eyes, instead of the sunglasses.
The best to you man,

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cessy (13091)
[2007-11-14 8:11]

Hallo George
it seems to me he looks friendly, even in the picture of your howdy pardner :)
I like the colors, the red hydrant, compare the BW :)

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Traczewska (3518)
[2007-11-14 8:56]
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Niedawno bedac w barcelonie, podczas wilkiej ulewy tez fotografowalam pewnego Murzyna zza wegla.. co prawda udawalam, ze zdjecie robie zupelnie komus innemu.. Ty nie udawales i ten soczysty kontakt z modelem jest.. energia wlozona rowna sie odebranej, jak chca idealisci :)
Uwielbiam takie bliskie portrety, uwielbiam odbicia w okularach, ktore Ty fotografujesz jak nikt (pamietasz ta wulkaniczna pizze?)

W grudniu moja pierwsza wizyta w Stanach, chcialabym aby ludzie dawali mi sie tak fotografowac jak Tobie..

z pozdrowieniami, Agnieszka

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lestans (9270)
[2007-11-14 9:26]

I am captured by this smile!
What a pity I am not able to understand what you wrote in the dialogue, you use too many words I don't know, but ... I can guess.

Thank you, George!

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KevRyan (18657)
[2007-11-14 10:32]
[Reply] [+]

Great workshop George!! Not sure right now about the main pic......photogenic guy for sure .....perhaps I'm looking at it too photographically when really for me it's the symbolic nature of that big open space in front of him that hits me emotionally ...sometimes the head engages more or before the heart ....but yeah that waiting game for the one you're going to hit for the next buck....or a bit of entertainment.......... hate it when people get in the way of fire hydrant photos though....... I guess it's working on me the more and more I look at it.......

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faubry (21928)
[2007-11-14 11:01]
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helo George, a nice composition from urban view, i read you ao to your work with camera???? and its very big in your pocket.... (??? :-))) i like this large place in the middle, great shot

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melmcree (1830)
[2007-11-14 11:15]
[Reply] [+]

Hello Mr. Grabarczyk,

I really like how you seemed to catch this shot "over his sholder". Your note is of course great and to mention that you were trying to shoot the hydrant. That was the 2nd thing my eye went to even though it is blurry. It's a great wide angle shot with very cool composition.

Have a great day,


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xuaxo (2892)
[2007-11-14 11:47]
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Cześć George,
- when...

... it happens when you don't expect.
The magic of photography is capturing the unique, single moment.
The workshop and its digitography is nice; but I had read firstly the dialogue in reverse; I didn't understand at once who was asking money from who.

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prezntime (3759)
[2007-11-14 20:31]

Howdy Pardner!

Super wide looking great here...those lines in the pavement...a natural extension of this mans world. I really don't see that left side as dead space. To me the shot perfectly displays this man in HIS world...Color is much better, I mean, they're your colors...don't give 'em up bud. AND, those glasses....I see, I know how it is. You carry around glasses in a vest like John Popper (of Blues Travellor) carries around harmonicas. "Hey, can I take your picture..." "Just put these on and look, innnnteresting!"
I love fire hydrants...
I want to pee.

Red beans and ricely yours,

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