To fulvio52: Mesa Arch

  • Thanks Fulvio
    I am pleased you like this. It is probably my favorite from Utah too, but was concerned about the many others on TE. Thank you so much for the green star. That is the greatest compliment you can give and I appreciate it. I hope you will be doing something exciting until 4th. Have a great New Year
    Take care
  • Re: To fulvio52: Mesa Arch
    You are absolutely welcome, Kath. This is a shot I've attempted in the past, showing up at sunrise with... cloudy skies, both in 2000 and 2007... Last summer, on the other hand, we were simply too late, and had too many locations on our agenda. Next time better.
    Nothing too exciting on my present agenda, I might have a few drinks tomorrow night, but other than that I'll be working. Not that I like it, but it pays for my next trip, hehehehehe! HAPPY NEW YEAR, see ya soon!