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Old 12-18-2008, 05:48 PM
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Default Lack of note

Hi Luc,

I am going to go with lack of proficiency in English as an explanation for the less than eloquent note. The expressions on their faces say a million words to me. Thanks for your feedback.

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Old 12-18-2008, 11:12 PM
noborders noborders is offline
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Default Re: @ Farah

Dear Farah, I'll go against the mainstream here : I share your amazement about the lack of visibility of this photo, which I too find really wonderful.

I have promised not to post any photo nor critique until the return of George's photos but I really feel very tempted to add some words under this photo which deserves more praises : if some people have answered that this photo was nothing special for them, for me it's exactly the kind of photos that are unfortunately not so common on TE, the subject not often seen = especially that it is about girls + school + Afghanistan : certainly not boring and definitely unique ! Plus, they seem without chaperon in the street, which is even more unique in that culture and dangerous environment.

But of course, there are so many photos by newbies which are left unnoticed whereas less *interesting* photos (IMHO) by famous members get automatically lots of success : this is also about the exchange of "macaques" within the same circle of friends. Just normal, understandable human behaviour...

Thank you to have attracted my attention on this photo, I'll definitely write something about it ... after Christmas ! (of course, only in the case that Polonaise is coming back - the reason for the present strike).

This said, may I also add that I really admire your wit and intelligence shown in your remark made in another (now locked) thread : as I personally react much better to the carrot than to the stick, I find it admirable how you could show great humor (also read in other threads and posts) for taking so positively such a hurting and damning remark : "chapeau bas", Farah !
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