To leo61: only two.....

  • I just noticed that there are only two images left in your gallery.
    What happnned????
  • Re: To leo61: only two.....
    Hello Leo!
    Unfortunately, when I posted my 300th picture, I was answering to all the comments and was saying thank you to everyone - not in the title, because they had already eliminated one of my pictures when I did that once - but in the text! Suddenly, my picture was wiped away! I got really mad and realised I was spending too much time with this and decided to get out of it! I even sent an e-mail to the managers to cancel my account! However, I really like it, specially by the contact I have with all the TE members - this interaction is superb! As they haven't canceled my account yet, I'm still here, much slower in my postings and comments though! If I go on - might do that - I'll go back to my old "shape" again! Had a lot of support of all TE members, this was really nice too!
    My warmest regards,