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Great pboehringer 2008-09-26 14:57


this time I won't spend my time in writing what a fantstic job you did here, but rather a question. I see that this is a stitch of 9 vertical images. WOW! I did some shots like these in Yellowstone and Canadian Rockies, but I can't get the images out of my PC. I have 4GB RAM and yet the machine tells me that it hasn't enough power to handle. ???? What do you do different then I do? Do you have a monster PC?

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Default To pboehringer: Ain't no techno

Hi dear Peter,

I'm so embarrassed not being able to help you like I would, because I know nothing about hardware... I'm a total idiot when it comes to every technical aspects of a computer. Megahertz, cache memory or HTML. Anything that goes beyond the softwares I'm using for my work have exactly the same meaning as if I tell you: "Mokirtu babablüsh ebirpury safo"...

All my brain is oriented toward design and the creative aspect of it. There's already a lot of knowledge to get in my daily work in order to stay on the edge, like typography, branding, marketing, pre-press, printing methods - sheet fed, web, engraving, rotogravure, etc. - , Pantone and process color, paper, cardboard, plastic, art directing and on and on... So just to stay a float with these always changing factors, plus keeping an eye on trends and markets is the part that make most sense with my job in terms of effort and, priorities in my career. So my cerebral functions don't ever get involved with "how does the mechanic operates". It's irrelevant and not a concern.

I'm telling you all this because I know I look like the dummiest of them all; so many people here are whether IT or involved in programming or other computer related work. Anybody else than me would be more helpful than I am, but all I matter is to buy the best tool at the moment of the purchase, but never ask myself how many drivers or bandwith or whatever going on inside that aluminium box. I read critiques, they say it's good, so I go for that.

So what I did to offer you the simplest possible answer, is to click on the little apple on the corner of my screen and choose: "About this Mac".

Here's what it says:

2x2 GHZ Power PC G5


Memory Slot
6 x 512 MB

So that's all I can offer you. I'm working with Lightroom, CS3 for Illustrator and Photoshop and that's all. That's my universe. I'm really not the kind of guy who RTFM...

I'm exactly a typical lazy, simple minded person that doesn't possess this basic knowledge. And it's not because I have written you the number of memory and other stuff that it means I will remember it... You see, I just bought my first cellular phone one week ago... I'm a dinosaur for techno things and the cellular is still in the box since a week...

Please, don't ask me if the memory of the phone, I have no clue... :-P)

Funny how a simple question could receive a 20 paragraphs message... LOL!

I guess I wanted to justify so much, not being able to help you and offer you more insightful information.

Cheers Peter!

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