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Great Angshu 2008-08-24 22:48

Khub shundor hoyechhe! The idea is good with the raindrops on the glass in clear focus & the out of foucs outlines of the two people with umbrellas. I would suggest that you put the frame inside the picture, the feet of the two people are getting hidden by it. Another variation would be using a longer depth of field by using a narrower aperture (like (F/8), where the people would come in focus & the glass & raindrops out. But in that type of shot, the camera gets fooled easily by the glass in the immediate FG, so ektu beshi cheshta korte hobe. Well done here & a belated welcome to this site

Old 08-25-2008, 09:45 AM
paromitadey paromitadey is offline
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Default To Angshu: Thank you :)

The idea was to take the photograph of the raindrops with the men in a faded in outlines. Kintu reverse jeta apni bolchhen otao shune beshi interesting lagchhe, orakom kore chhobi tulte gele ki SLR camera must? Aami ekta Canon Powershot camera use kori ota te apertue manual adjust korte parini kono din, abar manual ta ghete dekhte hobe.
Aapnar tola chhobi dekhchhilam, mugddhyo hoye gechhi. Thank you for sharing such beautiful picture, anek idea pawa jai.

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Old 08-25-2008, 11:40 AM
Angshu Angshu is offline
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Default Re: To Angshu: Thank you :)

Na Paromita...SLR er kono dorkar nei. Apnar Powershot ey nishchoi "Aperture priority AE" mode achhey (Av). Shetate giye F select korun jeta maximum value shetate....most probably F=8. Tarpor try korun. SLR is just a medium. Bhalo chhobi tulte gele bhalo camera lage, it's a myth. Tobe hya, bhalo camera te onek jinish better tola jai, jemon depth, colours, are high ISO te noise kom ashe. Ami tow etodin Panasonic ei chhobi tulechhi are 398 er modhye 392 ta chhobi tate tola...sheta SLR noi!
Chhobi tulte thakun are post korun. Tar cheo beshi critique korun. Onyer chhobi dekhe shetake analyse kore critique likun (Good picture, nice scenery ei shob khali noi), dekhben, chhobi tulte notun idea paben
All the best
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