upload do not cooperate

  • dear this most excellent site fabulous pictures grest travellers,perfect,I join and edited my profile and when
    i wanted to upload photos it kept telling to resize well
    when they are below 100kb there is nothing else to do un less you wanr to start some stamps collections,so most
    kindly make an enlightened response clear and simple;
    i found a man from swissland name meyer who has posted pictures of the places I went to wanted to post him a fews of mine did not find how to do it? help wanted,I have seen already a french girl telling about this picture size problem will be glad to get out of this problem
    thanks a great lot patrick
    [email protected]
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    Bonjour Jean-Patrick,

    You have to resize your pictures without loosing qualiy. I'm not very technical - Understatement! - so my way to resize pictures is the "easy" following ones - I have two solutions to suggest to you:

    <b>Open</b> your picture in Photoshop.
    Click in <b>File</b> on <b>Save for Web</b>
    Right of your picture you can change the <b>Image Size</b>, fill in 800 pixels maximum.
    Click on "<b>Apply</b>" (just under the size setting)
    Look for the "weight" under the picture. You can change the weight to max 200Kb by clicking the slider appearing when clicking the little arrow just to the right of the <b>Quality</b> number, right of your picture - (Check the weight under the righter picture)

    Click on <b>OK</b>... Ready! :o)


    Explanations on TL by member MovingStill / Carl Proffit:

    For an easy start, grab yourself a copy of Picasa - it's free from Google at http://picasa.google.com/. This is assuming you're using Windows, not an Apple.

    I'd suggest you create a folder called 'TrekLens' to store your photo's in until you upload them - makes them easy to find! Once Picasa has imported all your photo's, you can resize them simply by clicking on your chosen image then click on the 'Export' button at the bottom of the Picasa window.

    In the dialogue box that opens, select the folder where you want to export the photo, set the Image Size to 800 pixels, and Image Quality to automatic. Just make sure your final image is under 200Kb and you're done!

    Amicalement - Viviane
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    Bonjour Patrick,
    Did the tips help you?
    Don't hesitate to ask...
    Amicalement - Viviane